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Monday, August 18, 2014

Labels for Education

Samuelson PTO is looking for a school family to coordinate the our Labels for Education program. The labels are found on over 2,500 products, including Campbells, Pepperidge Farm, Prego and Bic.  By collecting these labels we earn points that are used to purchase needed items from the program catalog.  In the past, we've redeemed our points for folding tables (used at conferences and other school activities), office supplies (such as paper cutters and electronic staplers) and Fun Night prizes.

The McGuffins have coordinated this program for Samuelson for many years, but since their youngest is a 5th Grader this year they'd like to turn this project over to a new family.

Coordinating the program involves: collecting the labels from the school, following program guidelines for submissions, filling out the required paperwork, mailing submissions and keeping the PTO up-to-date on our current points balance and opportunities to earn extra points.  All of this can be done when you have the time!  More information can be found at:  http://www.labelsforeducation.com/

A big THANK-YOU to the McGuffins for helping Samuelson with this project in the past.  If you are interested in coordinating this for Samuelson PTO, please send an email to samuelsonpto@gmail.com

Monday, August 4, 2014

PTO Board Member Needed

The PTO Board needs your help! The Board plans the PTO activities for the year, sets our budget, supports our building staff, and finds volunteers to help with our activities. For this school year we need an additional lperson to serve on the Board as a Vice-President. All Board positions are equally important, they just have some specific duties in addition to helping with general PTO activities.

If you are interested in serving on the PTO Board this year, please let a comment here, send us a message or email us at samuelsonpto@gmail.com.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Box Tops for Education

School starts in just 20 days! Where has the summer gone?

Don't forget to keep saving your Box Tops for Education labels. Each one is worth $.10 and they add up fast. PTO just received notice that our last Box Top submission earned us $422! Box Tops can be dropped off in the office at anytime, but you might want to hold onto them until the week of September 8 when students can use them to vote for their favorite football team - Iowa State or Iowa.

Thanks to Heather Ashton for coordinating this effort for the past few years. Heather's children are now at Meredith and Hoover so the PTO needs someone to take over this project. It involves preparing our submissions three times a year and coordinating our collection contests. If you're interested, leave a comment here or send a message to samuelsonpto@gmail.com

Thanks and see you at Samuelson!